Chiquita plays Monkey Ball

Chiquita plays Monkey Ball

Sega and Chiquita, the leading distributor of bananas in the US, have struck a mutually beneficial deal.

The agreement means Chiquita will apply stickers to their bananas promoting Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll. In return, Sega have packed the game full of Chiquita branding (similar to the Dole brand seen in earlier SMB titles).

Sean Ratcliffe (Sega's Marketing VP): We are thrilled to partner with Chiquita. This is a fun way to get the whole family together and we're proud to have Ai-Ai and MeeMee featured on clusters of Chiquita bananas.

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SuperManlyDude said:

That is just too cute. So cute I have to go puke. Can't wait for the game though.

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