Classic British Motor Racing trailer

Budget title Classic British Motor Racing now has a trailer:

It might look ok, but these Popcorn Arcade games have a real bad reputation for being shovelware. Buyer beware!

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luwiigi said:

This looks like it could be fun to play if you liked slower paced racers. Personally, I like crashes and explosions, so this doesn't appeal to me.


Nintendoof said:

I hate shovelware. Since when has motor racing been in Britain?


Scooby Jew said:

This looks like crap. I wouldn't buy it if you paid me.


jskrdude said:

It's a bad sign when you see 3 cars in a row fail to make that one turn. Bad controls anyone? It looks fine, but it seems slow paced. And slow-paced racers without weapons are pretty boring.


benny said:

Don't know what shovelware is. As for smashes and crashes and explosions, please Criterion, make us a Burnout.


Hey said:

Wow! This game is so dull, I forgot the joke I was about to make about it.


sugicat said:

It looks OK to me, what are you all moaning about. It's that attitude which brought the British Motor industry to its knees. I'm backing Britain.


Amazed said:

Let's see, 80% of F1 teams are based in Britain. Almost every technical innovation prior to 1975 came from Britain (Thanks Lotus). Ok I'll admit, no Nascar or Indy cars, but then again, that's a good thing. As for the game, it's $20. I wouldn't expect amazing, but for $20, worth a shot.


Kubicixfactor said:

And British F1 cars have steering wheels too.


Franksy said:

I once had this on the PC and it was rubbish, so it probably will be on the Wii too.


Master Foot said:

It's no Gran Turismo 4, it's meant to be a budget title. To all up and coming Wii developers, don't take the word "budget" to the extreme.

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