Classic British Motor Racing

Published by Destineer, Developed by Destineer

Genres: Racing

US release date: Nov 23rd, 2007 | EU release date: -

Classic British Motor Racing


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User comments


soulbreather said:

Never buy a game that sounds like a magazine your grandad would buy.


man with cap said:

Awesome, british racing! I love being british.


Goosenapper said:

It appears to be your standard "floating car" style racer.


world wide wii said:

Looks cool.


Bai's the bandaid said:

Yes, could this finally be the game which taps into the countless classic mini fans out there. This game has just seal my purchase of a Wii. Congrats Nintendo.


Al Bundy said:

As someone who grew up around British sports cars, this looks interesting. Reviews say the handling sucks, but if you've ever driven these cars you'd understand. Can't drive it like a Lambo. Worth it for the price of two crappy VC games that I'll play once.


Galenasmart said:

Finally! A racing game with classic cars.


Ford fan said:

Any classic ford's floating around in this game?

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jack said:

Good but hard.


Girl with 9 cats said:

I sure hope this isn't another one of those boring racing games.


Count Lippe said:

If you want a decent classic racer grab GT legends on the PC.


matman1066 said:

Will be getting.

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rob said:

Yeah GT legends on PC is immense. I advise everyone to buy it.


allan said:

This game looks alright, but not my kind of hardcore racer- bad graphics, and rubbish cars.


solomon said:

Not worth buying.

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