Brawl's Classic Mode

Brawl's Classic Mode

Sakurai shows a bit of the Classic single player mode today, in the Super Smash Bros Brawl update.

In the classic mode you choose your character, a difficulty level, then bam, you're in. Your aim is just to clear each stage as you go, fighting whoever comes along. Each stage has a theme, the first stage is to do with Zelda, the third is all about Pokemon.

Hi I'm Link, 20m, GSOH. Would like to meet..

Eyyy, you coulda busted my face with that thing.

Giant Knight? Checkmate.

Each time you play you'll rack up coins. They're useful for something, but Sakurai's keeping that under his hat.

I can buy 550 pizzas with this.

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Nimikq said:

This looks cool and all, but I hope Nintendo touches up the fonts because I find them odd.


Aeth said:

Super Smash Bros isn't Super Smash Bros unless they have this feature in it. In addition they seem to have added to it with earning coins, but if you can't buy anything with them then I don't know what use they are (would redeeming Trophies for a certain amount of coins be counted as buying? If yes, and I think it is, then the true nature of the coins is still enigmatic).


Peach is #1 said:

Yah Classic Mode is back, I wonder if you still get trophies through Classic?

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Nova said:



insultman911 said:

The coins are for the lottery for getting more trophies. I think. Wouldn't it be cool if you could unlock stuff like new items or characters?


Jinchuuriki 88 said:

lol at the last comment under the last pic.


Supayoshi88 said:

Well I think we all knew this would be back. But what's up with the coins? Maybe they're just to buy trophies?


#1 Peach Fan said:

I figured Classic mode would be back. I like how they made it better. The coin thing, I read on the Smash Bros Blog page that they are used to turn your enemies into trophies.


the smash master said:

I wonder what the last boss is?


SSB4LIFE said:

I'm so happy this mode is back! Classic mode has been my favorite throughout the series, but Subspace Emissary may change that.


Elebot said:

With as much emphasis they were putting on the Adventure Mode, it's good to see the rebirth of what is, to me, the heart and soul of Smash Bros. Love Classic Mode.


smokeysmoke111 said:

The coins represent your score, it's not actual money you get.


Peter said:

Remember if it's collectibles we're getting now from coins, I'm guessing we're gambling for not only trophies, but stickers and cd's. CD's being the most rare.


Gonzo said:

Link is like my favorite character. What happens if you get a lot of coins?


divinityboy said:

I love this game. Giant metaknight! Man am I screwed.


Crystal Lucario said:

No buying, maybe the powering up he mentioned.


goldseer said:

Just maybe you could buy custom character parts?! I'm just throwing that out there ok?


BrAwl said:

Coins for stickers and music and stuff like that I bet. Maybe a secret character, like the ancient leader of primids?


Nintendoof said:

Here's a thought: They're not using coins for trophies or buying anything. Hmmmm. This is perplexing indeed. I haven't been this puzzled since getting to World 3 in Super Mario Bros.


Callen said:

This is cool and all, but what would make this game perfect is a sonic stage, ganondorf (in his size from twilight princess) he's huge!, waluigi, luigi and capt. Falcon. Ganondorf's moveset with his sword preferably and his ultimate smash could be Ganon.


ssbb lover said:

Can I have some Mario?


Ultigonio said:

Hey look, another (overlooked) feature of the SSB64 is back: Link will always get to go first.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Coin hypothesis: they realized that using coins just for the trophy machine was lame and decided to "open a store" where you can purchase trophies, stickers, tunes, possibly new looks for your guys, new menu backgrounds, and (we all hope) new fighters (Lucario). Besides that, the "Classic" mode was something we all knew was coming.


WiiNinja said:

Who didn't see this coming? Nice move, Big N.


Epsilon said:

Coins huh? Like the coins in Melee, maybe?

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Juan said:

Hope you use the coins for costumes and characters. I want to give Kirby his plasma hat and mario his cape.


DKX900 said:

In melee you only got a few of these coins, a maximum of 10 if you just ran forwards and backwards for 5 minutes straight. Looks like earning coins has gotten easier if you look at that treasure trove Mario's got himself.


Wii Freak said:

Does this mean master hand is back?

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