CliffyB watching Wii U closely

CliffyB watching Wii U closely

Multi-screen culture

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski (also known as CliffyB) has stated an interest in the Wii U and a long-term passion for Nintendo. Whether this transpires into Epic Games actually making something for the system, that's a whole different matter.

"Being raised on All Things Nintendo I will always love all things Nintendo. I'll be watching the Wii U closely. I think Nintendo may have initially lost a little of their core with the Wii for a bit, honestly, and they seem to have realized this. I believe they also recognize that we live in a "multi-screen" culture hence the controller design. I played ZombiU at PAX and it was promising (even though the controls could use a little loving!) so we'll have to wait and see." - Cliff Bleszinski

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PHiRE said:

Bunch of lip service as usual. I'm betting they won't put anything out on Wii U.

5 years ago

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