Mario Super Sluggers baseball cards

To coincide with the release of Mario Super Sluggers, some collectible baseball cards are doing the rounds (real cards, not the online ones):

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wii oui said:

Is it just my computer or are there ads of it on THIS website.


insultman911 said:

The pitch and swing is the same thing for almost all characters.


YoshLee said:

Huh Yoshi's a left handed batter like me.


DKX900 said:

If Mario's a right handed batter how come he's holding it in his left hand?


Nintendoof said:

Yeah. I was card farming from Wii's World. Anyone have a Waluigi?


Master Foot said:

I don't know if anyone else noticed this but I will point it out anyway. The blue pennant labeled "Rookie year" in the top right corner of the card apparently indicates the year that the character debuted under Nintendo. Clever addition. Wouldn't it make more sense for Wario to be a leftie since he's the antithesis of Mario or vice versa? Also, gorillas should be ambidextrous.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

I wonder what Diddy Kong's or Waluigi's cards look like.


Frogman said:

I have also been card farming on this site and I have two Waluigis.


Kilroy Jennings said:

Where can I get some of these cards?


PoffinStar said:

Anyone have dixie and baby mario and baby dk? My account is PoffinStar.


Kalahai said:

I have Waluigi and Diddy Kong. I am still trying to get the rest of level 1, and level 2's. I have some combinations for videos and downloads.


Joseph DeRose said:

Baseball rocks.


random girl1 said:

Taylorbug on the mario cards has level 4 cards she even has toadsworth and boo.


shadowroy64 said:

I have some cards and I sort of lost track with all my schoolwork so I have a couple. Here's a technique to get cards from other people whether they're accepting it or not: put 1 card that you have more of, like if you have 5 toadsworths, you just put 1 in the beginning and one at the end of the same card and just pick some cards you don't have from people. Hope this helps.


Person said:

How do you play game? No offense but if they don't do anything they're a waste of money.

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nathan said:

i love peach !

8 years ago

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