Mario Super Sluggers

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Sports (4 players)

US release date: Aug 25th, 2008 | EU release date: -

Mario Super Sluggers

Let the Wii Remote controller be your bat as you join Mario, Luigi, Peach and the rest of the gang in a rocking, socking baseball extravaganza.Newcomers to gaming or sports titles will be up and running on Mario Super Sluggers in no time. Simply swing the Wii Remote to smack a home run, or use a pitching motion to toss the ball over the plate.

Two, three or four players can pick up Wii Remote controllers and challenge one another to a full baseball game or compete in a host of baseball-themed mini-games. There's even a home run hitting contest.

Mario Super Sluggers boasts more than 40 playable characters, all Nintendo favorites. The single-player adventure mode allows the player to explore Baseball Kingdom, tackle dozens of fun baseball challenges and unlock new characters that can be used in any mode. You can also play with your Mii characters in Exhibition, Toy Field and Minigame modes.
Modes: Whether by yourself or surrounded by friends, there's a Mario Super Sluggers game for every occasion.

Challenge: Trek across Baseball Kingdom in this single-player mode. Defeat characters in a variety of baseball-related challenges to persuade them to join your team. Once you've assembled an all-star team for the ages, throw down with the baddest baseballer in town: Bowser! The single-player Challenge Mode is a sports fan's dream.

  • Explore the rich and varied landscape of Baseball Kingdom as you gather teammates for your fight against Bowser. From lush tropical jungles to modern urban landscapes, each area of the kingdom is a new experience.
  • Like high-powered free agents, the characters in Mario Super Sluggers won't join just any old team-they want to play for a winner. When you find a new character, he or she will test your skills on the field. Only by
    besting them in hitting, pitching and fielding contests can you get them to join your side.
  • In Challenge Mode, you can control one of five captains, each with personal special powers. Yoshi can jump through manholes, Wario has the power of magnetism and Donkey Kong can climb vines and shatter barrels.

Exhibition: Hit the field and try your luck with a team of your choice. You can play against either the computer or up to three other players.

Minigame: Challenge yourself or take on up to three other players in nine mini-games. From home run contests to pitching duels, you'll have more fun than a rookie at his first spring training.

Toy Field: Battle against three other players in a hitting and fielding extravaganza. You can set your turn limit and the skill level of your computer opponents, or just play against friends.

Training: Learn the ropes in an extensive tutorial mode.
Characters: More than 40 characters from the Mario universe come together in Mario Super Sluggers.

Special powers/items/moves/features: This isn't your typical baseball game. From special moves to obstacle-filled stadiums, there's always something new around the corner.

Special Moves: All of the captains have unique Star Skills that allow them to perform special moves while pitching or batting. Mario can turn his fastball into a fireball, Daisy can create a flower garden in the outfield and Luigi can turn infield hits into a raging tornado. Non-captains can also use Star Skills to put a little extra mustard on hits or pitches.

Chemistry: Just as in real sports, certain characters in Mario Super Sluggers have a special connection on the field. Known as chemistry, this connection allows players to make spectacular leaping catches, gun down speedy base runners and use items to interfere with fielders.

Stadiums: There are nine unique stadiums in the game, everything from an ice-filled castle to an urban cityscape. Many stadiums can be accessed at both day and night, allowing you to play a doubleheader under the lights.

Nunchuk: Experienced gamers can also attach the Nunchuk controller for a more advanced gaming experience.

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User comments


insultman911 said:

Whoa! What's going to be so awesome! It might be the same as the Wii Sports baseball, but cooler. I might get this.


Vive la Oui said:

What the hell is baby Bowser doing?!? The Samba, with a rainbow coloured brush? Going crazy on LSD? I puzzled.


Wii Rox said:

Yeah, Wii Sports baseball- but better.


Nintendoof said:

AWESOME! Thanks for keeping us updated with this news Wii's World.


Splintercell4ever said:

Well, it is called the mushroom kingdom, so.


sam said:

Looks good, my next review will be this soon folks!


Captain Jamesman said:

You can't be serious. A second Mario Baseball game? Right on.


skater 101 said:

Right on for mario baseball Wii.


sandm said:

More mario, more sports! Works for me.


skater 101 said:

I can't wait for this game, although I do hope it's better than the first one.


desdemona said:

Oh my gosh! The gamecube version was so addicting! Hope it's better than the Wii Sports baseball game. Peach is my favorite character.


desdemona said:

I wonder if there are any new characters. Does anybody know?


washoe said:

Wow. I liked this game so much for gamecube. By the look of the 2nd screen, they have improved upon pitching skills.


feng shui said:

It seems like they're making a Wii sequel to every GCN Mario sport game. Hopefully an improvement upon the Mario Superstar Baseball of yesteryear. It's not that it was bad, it was just hard for my children (currently 6 and 8) to play.


haiku said:

Cool game. I liked its predecessor so much, hopefully they have improved some weak points though (like being able to hit the ball more easily).


YoshLee said:

I played the first Mario Baseball game on the GC, it was extremely fun and quite challenging so I'm definitely getting this one too.


Ottomanelli said:

Definite investment, but because it will most likely be in demand, get it early.


babooshka said:

Oh my gosh. I thought that this game was so hard for the GameCube. I still had a lot of fun seeing my big brother unlock all the stuff. I am only 6 so me and my friends had a pretty hard time hitting the ball.


Wii Fanatic said:

I love all Mario games. Gamecube version was good, but this will be even better. Mario is the king of Nintendo.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Looks good! The GC edition was superb I hope this game isn't a disappointment.


Wii-star said:

I hope this has wi-fi and Wiimote pitch and bat.


davyt 0247 said:

AWESOME! I loved the first game, great to see a sequel coming.


mario fan said:

I think there going to add characters from super mario galaxy.


Wii Freak said:

Yeah I loved the original.


rayman rabbit123 said:

Now when I play mario baseball my parents won't yell at me.


DiddyRox said:

Lol good point Rayman.

Avatar 0

Lay-Z Boy said:



onlybowseruser said:

Hopefully you can do things like actually run to first base, unlike in Wii Sports. I vote for when you hit the ball, run to first base the same way you would run in Mario Vs. Sonic at the olympics. Up, Down, Up, Down.


Nintenjosh said:

I can't wait for this game to come out. I loved Wii sports baseball. Dude, I hope you can play with your own miis.


Nightmare2 said:

I have the first and it was fun! There are more characters from the DK series like baby DK, kritter, tiny kong, and even King K Rool. Oh ya there's also funky kong, wiggler, and blooper! And yes you can play as your mii. As a matter of fact you can have up to 8 different miis on your team. There's a total of 9 players on a team.


totalpimp said:

My friend has this, it is freaking awesome - you don't just play baseball you go around and get teammates and unlock ball fields (this game should be about softball).

Avatar 0

mario said:

I beat the whole game.

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