Conspiracy games on Wii

Conspiracy games on Wii

An European company called Conspiracy Entertainment have announced two (very similar sounding) upcoming games for the Wii.

The titles are Baja Mania and Baja Destruction, both focusing on Baja racing which originates from the southern California desert. The types of vehicles featured will be buggies, trucks and cats (6 wheelers).

The main difference between the two seems to be that "Baja Destruction" features weapons like missiles to use against opponent drivers.

Both games will use the Wiimote tilting control scheme now popular in Wii racers.

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Elementrat said:

Baja Destruction sounds awesome! I'm not much of a racing enthusiast but these still sound fun.


stinky12694 said:

Doesn't every manufacturer want to be on Wii? I mean seriously it's awesome.


Grim said:

Baja Destruction sounds fun, I like the idea of a tilting control scheme for steering.


jskrdude said:

Why couldn't they just merge those 2 games into one and include 2 different modes? Baja Destruction sounds fun though.


Grim said:

Yeah merging them sounds more sensible that way, or both the games use different builds.


Marwiio said:

The Wii needs Road Rash.


Iza said:

Marwiio I totally feel ya. Bashing someone with the wiimote and nunchuck would really make road rash shine.

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