Mama responds to Science Papa

Mama responds to Science Papa

Yesterday we heard the first news about Science Papa. It doesn't exactly take a keen eye to realize this game "borrows" heavily from the Cooking Mama format made popular by Majesco.

In a press release, Mama herself has spoken out on the matter:

We dated briefly (when he had much better hair). Now he clearly wants a piece of the best-selling pie by associating himself with an incredibly successful, and I'll emphasize, happily married, woman.

Frankly, he never appreciated my cooking and I grew weary of his tedious "experiments". You want real mind-bending science, go figure out how to make Toulouse Cassoulet for your next dinner party of 20 and let me know how it goes, Papa.

Looks like Papa just got his ass handed to him. I just want to know who Mama is married to?

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