Cranium Darts

Cranium Darts

Fresh box art, come and get it. This is Cranium Kabookii (US), some kind of quiz / mental agility type game.

It's a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won.

Last there's PDC World Championship Darts 2008, European version. I don't suppose it will be released outside Europe.

Let's... play... darts.

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Chris said:

I lurve cranium.


the smash master said:

What is kabookii supposed to mean? Mommy.


Quartz said:

Just go play the original board game! It pwns so much.


Master Foot said:

The wiimote jacket was meant for the darts game. I can see people actually throwing the wiimote at the TV to target the bullseye. As silly as it may sound, it will happen.


Erik said:

These are the best-looking professional dart players they could find? Yeeshh.


Nintendoof said:

I want official Brawl box art.


Gonzo said:

Are you kidding me! A darts game. What has Nintendo gone into?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Don't they tell people to not look at the camera?


Scooby Jew said:

Wow, the first box art is almost scary. Nobody really cares about the second one, I don't think.


BrothaZ said:

Cranium? What the hell?


Doc-Yoshi said:

Darts? Wow, it's probably for people who don't have enough space for a dartboard or it broke (runs off to order game).

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