Crash Bandicoot hummer promo

Crash Bandicoot hummer promo

What's a good way to promote a game? Wii had smart cars, now Crash Bandicoot has a hummer to promote his new game Crash of the Titans.

Crash's hummer

Remember though, if a stranger asks you to play with his wii in the back of a car, it might not be that great.

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cmk said:

LOL. Nice comment there.


DEL said:

There was a very important lesson learned here today.


jskrdude said:

I hate h2's. Hummers are cool if you actually offroad or transport soldiers, but H2's suck.


Tommy said:

Crash is awesome.


Sonic Phantom said:

Very sweet! I could use that hummer.


Wiimaster said:



Gonzo said:

I'm really starting to want this CB game! I used to have the old version on the PS2. I don't remember the name though.


F Zero X Vc said:

At the last para... ehehhe.


darkvic said:

Man, that last sentence was funny.


BonbonJoe said:

I want to see a screen shot of this wrecked. Not that I hate Crash, but his face would be all bleh. Plus, Having the word CRASH on a car is kind of an omen, wouldn't you say?


lilbigN said:

That is awesome!


world wide wii said:

I would like to have that hummer fo shizzle.


Elementrat said:

I think Crash died a quiet death a long time ago. Of course, long time fans will always keep shelling out the dough just because it says "Crash Bandicoot" on it, but other than that I don't think it has much interest.


Ekaj185 said:

No offense but please stop making these games! The whole experience was like playing a movie game last time I played one of these. And that was early in the series.


divinity boy said:

I think this game will be way better than the, dare I say it, old and boring side-scrolling Crash games. The ability to hijack almost all the enemies will be cool.


Kobb said:

Quit being Naughty Dog fanboys, this game looks PAWNAGE.


hbh said:

Hummer vs. Smart car. 1, 2, 3, GO.

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