Crystal Defenders coming to WiiWare

Crystal Defenders coming to WiiWare

Square Enix have announced that they're bringing a version of Crystal Defenders onto WiiWare.

Previously released on the iPhone/iPod, as well as older mobile phones under the title Crystal Guardians, this is a strategy game - a spinoff of Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

The idea of the game is to defend your crystals from waves of monsters, you do this by placing units to take them out before they can escape. Different units have certain strengths and weaknesses, making it important to think strategically.

Crystal Defenders hits WiiWare in Japan next week, on January 27th. Gamers there can expect to shell out 1,000 points. Screenshots are now up on the game's page.

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Step said:

The UI on the iPhone is not great, it's clearly a quick port job. Yet the game itself is well-done, fun, addicting. I didn't buy the full version yet but I'm only fighting it because I want them to do a proper version with better use of the interface. Really, it's a blast already. Looking forward to seeing what the WiiWare version offers (clearly can't do the iPhone-type interface!).


Diddy Kong Lover said:

FFTA2 sucked! Final Fantasy is supposed to be RPG based not strategy based, this is a big let down.


Aeth said:

This is just another version of Tower Defense.


Marche Radiuju said:

This game is awesome. I wish I was still a character in this franchise.


Indy420 said:

I am pleased with all SE's efforts to share and spread these versions. Just a point here but, FFT IS a strategy based RPG series. The ORIGINAL FF series is RPG based. There is a difference. I haven't an FF title I didn't like that exposed me to all varieties of games. I never played shooters, but I enjoy FFVII-DC!

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