Metroid Prime Trilogy censored

Metroid Prime Trilogy censored

Observant fans have noticed a small degree of censorship has been applied to the new Metroid Prime Trilogy, removing the word "damn".

The original Metroid Prime: Corruption game has a cut-scene in which Admiral Dane says the following line:

"Damn! They're targeting the planetary-defense system".

In the trilogy compilation, this has been changed to:

"No! They're targeting the planetary-defense system".

You have to ask yourself, was this really necessary?

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Captain Jamesman said:

Like admiral dane in the trilogy says, "no".

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Nova said:

That seems very unnecessary. I don't think that bothered kids back then, and I doubt it would now.


GQ said:

I would ask another question, was it necessary for him to swear in the original. Like does it add to the effect of the line. If the answer is no, then why have it in the game. I think sometimes movies and games go overboard with swearing, so this is a good change in my opinion.


Captain Jamesman said:

It's good that they did it actually.


MetroidFan said:

Really thought the swear added to the expression that the space pirates were doing something terrible.


david k said:

Yeah, no seems very urm calm. But in that situation, you're not likely to go, no, than express yourself more by saying something WHICH in MY very honest opinion, is BARELY even a swear word. For god sake, Nintendo, over-censoring children is the parents job, not yours.


Superdodo said:

Nintendo's just afraid to get sued.


wiiboy101 said:

Funny thing is, damn in itself is a bit weak and poncy. They deemed that a bit strong? Hmmm strange, and damn isn't a swear word.. HOLYCOW BATMAN they're targeting the planetary-defense system. Well pull on a monkey's Wii they're targeting the planetary-defense system. Well spank me with a feather duster they're targeting the planetary-defense system.


L S said:

@WIIBOY101. XD But seriously, the game is rated TEEN ANYWAY. Blood, mild violence, mild language, suggestive themes, etc. Removing the word 'damn' is as pointless and as stupid as a football bat. Nintendo's 'family-friendly' crap is going a bit too far. @GQ: Quit being such a goody two-shoes killjoy. If the game was rated E, I could understand. It's like censoring a middle finger in an R-rated movie. 'Damn' has every right to be in there and left alone.


Danny2k9 said:

Everyone here seems to be forgetting that damn isn't a swear word anyway.


X FrizZz X said:

Nintendo never puts any emotion into their characters. Using the word "damn" made the characters act like they gave a shit. Screaming "No!" doesn't have any emotion into the scene. Using a strong word like damn lets the players know that Admiral Dane is frustrated and ticked off. I don't think that word needed to be removed.


Steve the great said:

The game is rated t, T! Alright! Shadow the hedgehog said damn too and it was rated 10+ and sega never got sued. So it would be okay to have a curse word in a rated T game if they could have the same word used over and over again in a 10+ game.

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