Dave Mirra Wii?

Dave Mirra Wii?

There's a rumor going about that Dave Mirra will be backflipping and stalling his way onto the Wii in "Dave Mirra BMX Challenge", said to be published by Crave Entertainment in the third quarter of 2007. Me, I'd welcome it.

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Zendalf said:

Unless the wiimote is the bike, I'll probably skip it. I never liked the Dave Mirra series anyway.


Wii Freak said:

I hope it comes out.


Hey said:

Yeah, Dave Mirra was pretty fun. The bike mechanics were much better in it than in Tony Hawk's AW.


Scooby Jew said:

Cool? The whole "BMX and skateboarding game fad" died out after Tony Hawk's 3 IMO. I wish they'd just stop already. All they're doing now is making new moves and maps. Woo.


Elementrat said:

The original Dave Mirra's BMX for PS1 absolutely rocked! That game is still fun though this day. That team built a genuinely fun biking game, that's still enjoyable to play, 4 years later.


Ekaj185 said:

I might check it out.


Gonzo said:

Yea, I might get this.


ruberducky said:

Acually the original dave mirra's bmx game was for the pc, but it's pretty lame with no 2 player mode or bails mode (which the ps1 version did have).


Austin said:

I don't know how old this is but, Elementrat is absolutely right. I have Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX and I play it all the time. I didn't ever really play #2, a friend had it. But I still think #1 is awesome, no matter how bad graphics, glitches, bugs etc it has.

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