Dead Rising gameplay footage

Capcom has released some gameplay footage from Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, showing Frank pulling off some random kills.

Judging by this video, you still can't fire a gun and move at the same time. That's a real annoyance in my book.

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Jonny said:

I absolutely HATE the stop-shoot system. Although the Wii's IR factor makes it a lot more enjoyable with the fact that it's easier to aim. But this game looks incredibly amusing. Zombies, plus interactive environment equals a really fun game. I might just get this.

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Mike said:

Only just realised, but by how the game is played and by the cursor itself, the game uses a modified RE:4 Wii edition engine.


Master Foot said:

He swung that TV like a cardboard box! At least Capcom is showing the Wii some love.

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