Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Published by Capcom, Developed by Capcom

Genres: Action (1 players)

US release date: Feb 24th, 2009 | EU release date: Feb 27th, 2009

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop follows the harrowing tale of Frank West, an overly zealous freelance journalist on a hunt for the scoop of a lifetime.

In pursuit of a juicy lead, he makes his way to the small suburban town of Willamette only to find that it has become overrun by zombies. Frank escapes to the local shopping mall, thinking it will be a bastion of safety but it turns out to be anything but. It will be a true struggle to survive the endless stream of enemies, but players will have full reign of a realistic shopping centre and its varied stores offering an endless supply of real and makeshift weapons to fight off the flesh-hungry mob. If Frank is running low on health he can pay a visit to one of the many restaurants or cafes and restore his energy by chowing down on some tasty mall food.

The game is split into a series of individual cases, all of which Frank must complete in order to gain vital information that will allow him to piece together the truth behind the horrendous epidemic. In addition to the cases, players will be faced with the dilemma of deciding the rescue priority of the residents of Wilamette who also sought sanctuary in the mall. Depending on the player's skill some may not be so fortunate as each rescue needs to be undertaken in a set time period so players may need to delay completion of a case in order to save a fellow human.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop's infectious humour does deliver some welcome relief from the incessant tide of zombies with players able to dress Frank up in a variety of comedic costumes and take on the undead hordes with a selection of improvised and sometimes highly ineffective weapons such as a toy sword or a football.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop includes the following features:

  • Utilises the same engine as Resident Evil 4 Wii edition.
  • New level of interaction - aim and fire guns, swing and throw weapons and shake off zombie attacks with added Wii Remote functionality
  • Huge environment - expansive indoor and outdoor areas of the mall provide a variety of different locations to explore
  • Improved save functionality allows for more seamless gameplay
  • Hordes of enemies on screen at once resulting in non-stop, pulse-pounding action
  • Anything in the mall is at Frank's disposal
    • Grab environmental objects like umbrellas and benches to use as improvised weapons
    • Snatch items from different stores to use as weapons including golf clubs, lawnmowers, frying pans and more
    • Consume food and drink to revive health
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User comments


a wii gamer said:

Dead Rising is an awesome game on 360. I hope they don't mess this version up and they make it even better.


WIIBOY101 said:

But the Wii can't handle all those zombies on screen and good graphics say the X360 FANBOY COUGH.


Mr Game & Watch said:

WOOTNESS! Finally a zombie game I like.


Quartz said:

Oh great more zombie games. I swear to god what has video gaming come to? Zombies in everything. Probably the one thing I liked about the Wii was the minimal amount of zombies. Lol not any more.


the conduit said:

*Beeping* yes.


B Darius said:

Hope to pick this one up. I loved Resident Evil 4.


Son Ninja said:

The more I look at this, the more I am starting to appreciate this game. Heck it might play even better than the lame crappy realistic X-Box 360 version.


POWER said:

So it has less zombies, less items, less melee weapons, mediocre graphics (it's hardly Mario Galaxy, is it?) and you can't even jump? This looks like it'll be a "great" game.

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