More on Dead Space Wii - first trailer

More on Dead Space Wii - first trailer

A week or so back EA revealed that a Dead Space game was in the works for Wii. At the time we were left wondering whether it would be a port of the original, a spinoff, or god knows what else.

Today we've learned the game has been given a subheading "Extraction", making the full title Dead Space: Extraction. Built from the ground up for Wii, Extraction will be prequel to the first game. It's said to include a new female lead character, new weaponry and co-op gameplay.

There's also a trailer, although it's a little hard to tell whether gameplay is being shown or just cut-scenes. Some are speculating this game will actually be an on-rails light-gun game.

Are you scared yet? How about now?

Dead Space: Extraction is being handled by EA's Redwood studio and will be released this Fall.

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wiiboy101 said:

Well EA talked the talk, but as usual cannot walk the walk. They talked up core, they talked up a ps3/x360-like game, plus better Wii motion plus controls. They then revealed an ON-RAILS shooter. They lied as per usual. Graphics are great but gimped game sorry, that's just another insult from EA. So copying Wii Fit and trying to jump on HotD Overkill's hype with Dead Space is EA's answer to being core. EA, where's the game you promised?


wiiman said:

I hope it's an fps or third person shooter, if it's a light-gun game I won't buy it.

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Nova said:

(sorry for being a bit random) where are the 2008 awards on WW? Are they coming soon?

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