Deca Sports sequel coming

Deca Sports sequel coming

Everybody, move your body, Hudson is making Deca Sports 2 for Wii. This time around, the ten sports featured are:

  1. Ice hockey
  2. Mogul skiing
  3. Speed skating
  4. Tennis
  5. Synchronized swimming
  6. Kendo
  7. Dodgeball
  8. Darts
  9. Petanque (boules)
  10. Motorcycle racing

By most accounts the first game wasn't too hot, but it must have sold well in any case. Any hope for the sequel being good? Call me a naysayer, but I say nay.

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dude said:

Sounds interesting.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Deca Sports was great but I can't imagine a sequel to it.


Thug L1f3 said:

The people demand another trailer with annoying music.

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