Autopilot in New Super Mario Bros Wii

Autopilot in New Super Mario Bros Wii

Shigsy has revealed that Mario's latest side-scrolling platformer will have a "demo" function which allows the cpu to take over if the player is struggling to get past any part of the game.

"In New Super Mario Bros Wii, if a player is experiencing an area of difficulty, this will allow them to clear it and then take over when they are ready. We are also looking into this for future games".

Of course this is entirely optional, but is giving people an easy way out a good idea?

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Zendalf said:

Well I guess the idea isn't too much different from using cheat codes.


Grey said:

Wow, this is like a textbook putting the answers to your homework in the back index, except for video games.


Aminihcam said:

Being stuck in a game is never fun, I think this is a great idea but people will probably overuse it, they should limit it if possible.


Brawler 200 said:

That is a stupid idea.


BrothaZ said:

If Nintendo's main point is gameplay, why take that experience away regardless of how difficult someone may find it to be?


Yoshi-1up said:

No. The game looks really dull. Looks like they just ported it from the DS with new backgrounds. Not anywhere near the quality of the DS version though. Levels look too simple and wide. I guess we'll see.


shroomer said:

Scandalous, why bother playing it at all?


insultman911 said:

Auto pilot should stick to planes, because what's the point of getting the game if it's not challenging? Noobs only. How will Nintendo sell the player guide if it has this feature? How fun would it be if I went out and bought a video game, stuck it into my Wii, hit auto pilot, grab a bag of chips and watch it play? Bullcrap.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

I feel like you should have to win this option. Like, you should have to clear so many stages before being granted one auto pilot.


Jettwinlock said:

I'm wondering if this is the type of thing that I heard about where Nintendo made it so the game plays itself to induct newbies to games. Personally I don't care since I probably won't use it but for younger players or people who never played them this could teach video game basics that most of us take for granted.



Sounds cool!


Chipz said:

Making it an option is pretty good. Although we all won't be using this feature (well me, at least).


SkullHydra said:

That is dumb. I hope that they at least take away points or mark it or something, so that you can't get the high score by cheating.


X FrizZz X said:

I think it is a good idea if you're stuck. I might use it once or twice but as long as it doesn't find its way into my experience, I'm perfectly fine with this.


Darunia said:

This is like shigsy's idea to implement a hint system into zelda. It will make every gamer into a noob.

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