Dewy has a date

Dewy has a date

Konami has let slip a release date for Dewy's Adventure in Japan.

The date is... *drumroll*, July 26th.

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Master Foot said:

The EN version will probably called Dewy's Wonderful Journey of Discovery and Wonder.


Sonic Fan said:

Well that's 9 days before my birthday, but I'll take a pass on this one.

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PHiRE said:

I'd expect the european version will be Dewy's Fantastically Late Adventure.


Crimson Hawk said:

He is so cute looking, I am getting this game.


Scooby Jew said:

16 days after my birthday, promising trailer, made by Konami; I'm getting it. No doubt.


Ekaj185 said:

That's 1 day before my birthday! Can you say birthday present?


cmk said:

They'll pull a bug island at the last minute. It'll be Watermans Explotial Exploits FT. Water. I'm serious guys.


Hey said:

Like Eledees and Canis Canem Edit, Master Foot.

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