Wii gets diabolikal

Wii gets diabolikal

Comic book hero Diabolik will be creeping and scheming his way onto Wii, in his very own game courtesy of publishers Black Bean.

In development by Artematica, Diabolik: The Original Sin aims to meld your typical point-and-click adventure game with sections of combat and stealth. David Pain, General Manager of Black Bean commented:

"Bringing Diabolik to the market is a thrilling opportunity for us. We are delighted to be working with Artematica whose skill, creativity and track record in the adventure sector will ensure we deliver a great game appealing to adventure gamers and to a broader gaming audience".

Not many of us will be familiar with Diabolik, he was created in the 1960s. Far from being a traditional hero, he's actually a ruthless master thief, caring for no one except his one true love, Eva Kant.

Diabolik: The Original Sin is scheduled to hit retail shelves this Fall.

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Zendalf said:

Actually this show used to be on here a couple of years ago. It's pretty sweet.


Master Foot said:

Was this also a cartoon because I've never heard of it.


wii fanatic said:

Pretty deep stuff. Caring only for him and his true love? Wow.

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