October will be a disaster

October will be a disaster

Disaster: Day of Crisis was a game that intrigued many with its short video clips during Wii's early days. Since then we've barely heard a thing about it, there were even whispers that the game had been axed. But fear not, Nintendo of Europe say it's coming out in October.

"Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood, hurricane... and the small matter of an ex-military terrorist group with their hands on some nuclear weapons - and all in just 24 hours?! Welcome to Disaster: Day of Crisis, the action adventure game on Wii from Nintendo and Monolith Soft, sweeping across Europe on 24th October 2008 - guaranteed to bring out the survival skills in everyone".

Taking the role of an ex-marine named Raymond Bryce, you have to use his survival expertise to stay safe from natural disasters, while fending off SURGE (the terrorist group) through 23 stages of hi-octane storyline.

Some RPG elements are featured - Ray uses "Survival Points" gained from rescuing civilians and "Battle Points" from combating SURGE to increase his abilities. In combat segments, gameplay is said to take the form of an on-rails shooter.

Disaster: Day of Crisis will hit stores in Europe on October 24th.

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David K said:

Hell yeah, and I hope it don't come out in the US until FEB to make up for US getting smash bros months before UK and I hope it'll be fun. I also hope it costs $70 in US because then US would know how UK feel about their prices, because we will undoubtedly pay $70 as almost all our games cost that, with Wii fit costing $140 in UK.



No US release date?


SmashEd said:

AWESOME. I have been waiting for this game since E3 06. And to finally get a release date.. all I can say is, about time.

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Mike said:

Yey, I thought this would end up like Project hammer.


Nintendoof said:

Not axed?! Oh my god that is the best!


ToTaLgAmEr said:

This game looks awesome, when is it out in Canada?


Senpai said:

Okay, first off, this game looked wicked from the first trailer, and nice 24 joke, but I do have a problem - when does it come stateside? They can't possibly be releasing it in Europe first/only, that's some bs man. On top of that, aren't every one of the screens and trailers released, like, ever, in Japanese? Yea, I think they are, what mate.


Jonny said:

I'll wait patiently for this game.


Nintendo4ever said:

You know, you Americans get most games first, so don't complain about one game finally being released in Europe first.


Keranu said:

I was more interested in Project HAMMER.


Bryan Pope said:

Ummm, America is better than everybody else. That's why we get stuff earlier and cheaper? Stop being all mad and jealous of us, it makes you look retarded. We'll wait patiently for this semi-exciting game as you all had to wait excruciatingly for one of the best games EVER: Brawl=] Besides, there are so many import stores here, everybody who really wants it here when it comes out in the UK will be able to get it just by going to the local mall. It's not like it's going to sell millions anyways. And, David, we'll pay 50, as we do every game. Bow to us you insolent morsels.


Nintenjosh said:

I thought they abandoned this game. Well, since they didn't - SWEET (presuming it comes out in the US, of course).

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