Box arts - Donkeys, Bees and Hunts

Box arts - Donkeys, Bees and Hunts

Another day, another three US box arts. There's Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Bee Movie Game and Cabela's Big Gay Hunter.

Up n atom.

That face deserves bug spray.

Seriously. Why.

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Gamefreak said:

Really, does the world need another hunting game?


jskrdude said:

We need ONE GOOD hunting game for the Wii. No more than that please.


Slick said:

I played this game at the bar with my friend and we seriously had a great time with it, I can't wait. It's better than actually killing stuff.


Master Foot said:

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY.


Buzzshow said:

Big Gay Hunter? Typos can get you in trouble Wii's world. [I don't make typos :) - WW]


Wiimaster said:

1 hunting game per system please! Make more action, rpgs & horror games.


Scooby Jew said:

IDK, the hunting game looks like it might be ok. Depends on how they make it and what features it has to offer. I can't really tell too much from a box art, though Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is an exception: I'm fairly confident I know already that it's going to suck. And no games based on movies are ever any good in my opinion, so obviously the bee game is going to blow.


Ekaj185 said:

OH god! Is it still legal for activision to make games like this?


world wide wii said:

Maybe Wii owning hunters will put down their guns now that there perhaps will be a good hunting game for the Wii.


TruBlu said:

I'd much rather hunt with my Wiimote than a gun, actually.

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