Dragon Quest Swords trailer

A trailer for the upcoming game Dragon Quest: Swords has been made available.

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Hey said:

Interesting. I wonder how often the Wiimote will be utilized. Besides battles, of course. That's the obvious use.


wiiman said:

What is with the blobs.


ganondorfrules said:

Doesn't look too bad, if it comes to Australia I might check it out.


lgblck said:

Transcript: "I only remembered that I felt scared when I saw the mask at the first time. I don't remember when that was. It's already been 5 years since Maou was slain. The world is in peace. But I have no interest in that". A girl in a black dress. Cetia. Voice: Ayumi Kinosita - "It isn't you guys' business". A prince of Agony. Deen. Voice: Daisuke Konishi - "I'm sooo worried". A Dad who was a Hero. Baud. Voice: Kenji Mazda - "This is your trial. I wish I were with you but". The journey is to begin.

"All right! Ionazun!" "Let's fight back!" "What a crap"

"Come on, Do it !" "Swing The sword !"


"I again forced you to make a war."

Coming in spring 2007.


Jason Pilcher said:

That's a miss for me.


wii dont like sony said:

Looks really odd.

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