EA savaged by big dawg

EA savaged by big dawg

Meet John Thompson, nicknamed "Big Dawg", a well known fan of the Cleveland Browns football team.

EA allegedly included a likeness of Mr Dawg in their Madden NFL 09 game and he's not happy about it. In fact he's suing EA to the tune of $25,000 for unauthorized use of his good image.

Can you see Big Dawg getting his money?

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Nova said:

It seems weird they would put him in without asking him first.


Superdodo said:

EA deserved it.


GQ said:

How can this guy not feel honored to be in the game. Some people are just money hungry.


Captain Jamesman said:

Man, that's ugly xD.


Mr Friend said:

Is 25000 even a big deal for EA? They might throw the money at him instead of paying their lawyers to shut him up.

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