EA nerfing the little pets

EA nerfing the little pets

As EA takes further strides into the casual market, today they announce two more games headed to the Wii.

NERF N-Strike puts you into a world tailor-made for NERF antics. The game also comes with a special type of blaster, which will act as a controller aid and also fire real NERF darts when used away from the Wii.

Littlest Pet Shop is based around pets in a shop, and guess what, they're little. Aimed at young girls, this game introduces you to three unique environments for exploring. You'll unlock more pets and accessories as you go. There's also a box art.

Aww-haww it's the widdlest pet shooop.

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Goombaka said:

I think I'm going to spew. But luckily, my stomach is empty. Those things look like a bad acid trip. I'd be terrified if I ever met them in a dark alley.


TruBlu said:

The doggie one is cute. The others look like corpses.


Wii Freak said:

Who want's these games?


Diddy Kong Lover said:

When will EA take this console more seriously, as in more than just little 2 year old games. If it's for everybody, doesn't that mean hardcore games too?


Ultigonio said:

Shooop the Whooop?


Master Foot said:

Hmmm, let's see Barbie's Horse Adventures or Littlest Pet Shop, but I can't resist those cute pets.


Nintendoof said:

AAHH! Run.


mrsamus said:

So sick of minigames on this system. Give me some more awesome games like Zelda and Metroid. 3rd parties need to pick up the slack.


mary said:

Hi. This game is for kids (4 years) isn't it?


pky said:

Littlest pet shop is the coolest game in the world so shut up everybody.

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