EA Playground revealed

EA Playground revealed

Electronic Arts have revealed some pieces of info about an upcoming Wii / DS exclusive game, given the working title of EA Playground.

EA Playground attempts to capture the fun of being a kid, based in a playground with a number of characters, collectibles and games. The games include Tetherball, Remote Control Car Racing and Bug Hunt, they make full use of the Wiimote and the DS' stylus.

As far as multiplayer goes, 4 player local games on the Wii are supported and wireless sessions on the DS. Expect a release by Fall this year.

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Franksy said:

Sounds good.


Scooby Jew said:

Sounds like a Pokemon Stadium's minigames made into an actual game. I do believe I'll pass on this one.


BonbonJoe said:

Like bully, except Preschool.


Quartzlcc said:

Why not just ACTUALLY play these things?


Hey said:

Wasn't there a PS2 game like this? My Block or something like that?


Master Foot said:

I hate EA, but I think that they are one of the few companies that have really jumped into the Wii head first. From Madden to PGA, they are stepping up. But I still hate you EA.


Wherewulf said:

"Push Sarah! Push!" Mom: "What on earth are you doing? Playing doctor?" Boy: "No mom, we're playing the uber l337ness EA Playground where P2 has to push P1 for awesome bonus stages like. Sandcastle building?".


cmk said:

Looks ok. Kind of stupid. But since when is being a kid fun? Kids have it hard.

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