Exercises in EA Sports Active

Exercises in EA Sports Active

The full list of 25 exercises used in Active from EA Sports has been confirmed on the product's official website.

  1. Basic Dance
  2. Basketball
  3. Batting
  4. Cardio Boxing
  5. Cardio Dance
  6. Fast Dance
  7. High Steps
  8. Inline Skating
  9. Jump
  10. Kick-Ups
  11. Kickbox
  12. Lateral Raises
  13. Lunge
  14. Lunge Jump
  15. Pitching and Catching
  16. Punch Bag
  17. Punch Target
  18. Reps Side Lunge
  19. Run
  20. Serve
  21. Squat/Calf
  22. Squat Jump
  23. Tennis
  24. Volleyball
  25. Walk

Feeling the burn? Active is being released on May 19th.

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