Earthlock: Festival of Magic needs your help!

Earthlock: Festival of Magic needs your help!

Want an epic RPG for Wii U? Prove it!

Even among the large amount of crowd funded projects currently on Kickstarter, there are very few willing to commit to the Wii U. Earthlock: Festival of Magic looks like a great new take on classic RPG gameplay, but it needs a little help from you, the potential players!

The project only has about ten days left and developer Snowcastle games would definitely appreciate the help. Want more interesting, quality games on the Wii U? Prove it!

Want to support? Go to: Earthlock Kickstarter page.

Also, some of you may not be able to pay via Kickstarter. For updates, and likely payment via PayPal, click the little star below the project page image for a reminder. An e-mail will be sent if you have a Kickstarter account.

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