More on Excite Bots

More on Excite Bots

On the Q2 release list you may have spotted a new game from Nintendo called Excitebots: Trick Racing. What's it all about? Details are still scarce, but at least we have a box art now.

As you'd expect, Excitebots supports the Wii Wheel accessory. It claims to take the big air antics from Excite Truck and add mini-games and challenges into the mix. Things like shooting goals, throwing pies and playing poker.. while racing.

So it will be like Excite Truck, but weirder x_0.

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Shadow said:

Sounds like they're reinforcing the Wii's mini-game persona, which I hate. I've had enough of mini-games.


traveller said:

Watch the trailer for it. It looks awesome.


Chaos said:

The mini-games happen during the races! IGN described it as Excite Truck with a hint of Wario Ware, and it certainly looks good in the video.


MSYoung said:

Does anyone know how to get this to play in a two player mode? It says on the box it is for two players but the directions do not tell you how.


bojocann said:

Have to beat the first round.


tosagirl said:

Thank you for posting how to get to two player mode with this game. It was giving me a headache.


jeff said:

How do you beat the first round?

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