Lego Star Wars Complete Saga bonuses

Lego Star Wars Complete Saga bonuses

If you're a Lego Star Wars fan you might be wondering if the Complete Saga (a compilation of both previous games) has any extras to offer. Well, there are five new levels available:

  • Mos Espa Pod Race
  • Bounty Hunter Pursuit
  • Gunship Cavalry
  • Anakin's Flight (unlockable)
  • New Town (unlockable)

Exciting, but that won't bring Uncle Owen back.

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Scooby Jew said:

Bah, I never liked that series. I don't have anything against it, it just never appealed to my tastes.


brady robbins said:

Yah! Uncle owen's playable in this game.


Gonzo said:

I'm not a fan of Lego Star Wars. I like the real Star Wars better.


Llee said:

I never played it so I want to give it a try.


blab355 said:

Great series, good to know it'll have extras.


Curpur said:

I love Lego Star Wars, it's amazing. It's the one game I like.


David said:

UHH brady, Uncle Owen is not playable, I have it so I know. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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