ezGear's Wii Music accessories

ezGear's Wii Music accessories

Keen to jump on the plastic shell bandwagon, ezGear are bringing out a set of accessories for use with Wii Music.

    zGear Wii MusicPack
  • Conductor's baton / Drumstick.
  • Violin.
  • Saxophone.

This pack will be available in early December and is set to retail at $29.99, for which price you could probably buy a good game -_-.

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Master Foot said:

Plastic shell bandwagon. As long as there is a market, it will be SOLD. But didn't the Wii Music ad say that there are about 60 instruments? So, if they are all sold in 4's for $29.99 each, that's (calculating) $449.85. Hey, think of it as being way cheaper than Rock Band.


Jared said:

I think that is just pointless and unnecessary.


Step said:

The plastic shells kind of totally miss the point, but that didn't stop other sets from selling.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

At the end of this generation, when Big N shuffles out a successor, Wii owners will have all their closets full of peripherals at this rate.


Jettwinlock said:

It's things like this that are making the Wii look more like a toy than an actual game machine, I wish Nintendo took better quality control on some of these games and accessories that are released.


Wiilover24 said:

I think it is pretty cool, but if they would come up with a clarinet.

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