F1 2009 Wii

F1 2009 Wii

The latest Formula 1 game, F1 2009, is heading to the Nintendo Wii courtesy of publishers Codemasters.

Notably, this will be the first racing game to feature the current world champion Lewis Hamilton. All of this year's cars, teams and tracks will be there too, including:

  • Singapore night race.
  • Valencia Marina Bay circuit.
  • Abu Dhabi season finale.

The down side is that the Wii and PSP versions are said to be "closely related". F1 2009 will be released in Europe this Fall.

Balls to F1, I just want Codemasters to resurrect Dizzy the egg. You know it makes sense.

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Quase said:

Too bad F1 is not appreciated here in the US. Most people just want to see the carnage of that NASCAR series, which to me is the most moronic thing ever: cars running in circles.


MRowlands said:

I know what you mean, I never have understood the appeal of NASCAR although the crowds do turn out every time! F1 is the best people in and out of the cars, maybe with Team USA GP next year (poss) the American public might have something to get excited about?


Elliot said:

I love F1 and I'm 12. We in the UK (England) love F1 and I think if we can introduce F1 to kids then it will be a big hit here.


oink said:

F1 4Ever. I'm sure, Singapore Race will be my favourite.


Andrew said:

I hope it comes out in Canada. I love F1 and I want it for Wii.


racefan111 said:

Trust me, there are F1 fans in America. I'm one. Oh, and for all you guys who hate on American racing, I like it too. Unlike you, I actually can vary my tastes in sports. By the way, I like football (soccer) and baseball.


unknown said:

I have f1 2000 and I think that's impressive. For all you NASCAR fans out there, IT IS RACING IN CIRCLES! And f1 is not a straight little dip straight little dip. Look at Singapore and Monaco and Valencia.

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josh said:

I'm F1 crazy, have been since I was 5 and ever since my PS2 broke I've longed for a racing game that ISN'T Touring Cars! NASCAR the game isn't as impressive I must admit to the thrills of formula 1, can't wait for the game. Have already preordered for Wii.


ormo said:

This is crazy, F1 for Wii got released yesterday and there is nothing in Canada, not even a mention in the big box stores.

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