Far Cry details emerge

Far Cry details emerge

Some details of Wii's Far Cry outing have come out, all in all it seems to be shaping up very nicely.

Firstly the full title is Far Cry: Vengeance. The game is confirmed not to be a port of the XBox versions, the developers are focusing on new graphics and gameplay. It will run at 30 FPS, consistent with other Far Cry games, widescreen 480p is supported. It's expected there will be at least 20 hours worth of gameplay in the single player campaign, split-screen multiplayer is a definite while online play is a maybe at this stage.

Some information is available about the controls of the game too. The nunchuck can be flicked upward to make the player jump. The wiimote is primarily for attacks, including knife swinging and zooming in with long range guns.

Keep tabs on our Far Cry: Vengeance page for any updates.

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User comments


quartzlcc said:

Whoa, sweet.


Econo said:

It would be cool if it goes online.


Jaconius said:

Nice, I'm going to get it if it's online.


Jhett said:

Awesome. I'm looking forward to this.


Lickwid said:

I want assassins creed, but this should be good too.


lloyd said:

At this stage there should be no ifs and maybes about whether games are going online or not. Nintendo are too casual about things, if they wanted to they could easily stamp Sony and Microsoft into the ground.


Fisherman Sam said:

I'd love to get Far Cry but I'm getting Red Steel and Metroid Prime 3. I just don't want too many FPS's. But if Far Cry goes online, I'm getting it.


Wii-Worshiper said:

I agree with fisherman sam, I will probably get Redsteel and MP3 but if Far Cry does get online it will be 1st on my list.

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