EA has released the cover art for upcoming sports title FIFA 08. The front features Wayne Rooney (England) and Ronaldinho (Brazil).

Someone's happy.

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Gonzo said:

Not into soccer, but I do know Ronaldinho! Everybody says he's good.


Scooby Jew said:

"YES! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!".


joey24 said:

Run, he's got a Man U shirt on!


Jordan said:

I am well looking forward to this game on the Wii! The box looks ok, but I would have picked gerrard instead of rooney. But it still looks good though.


Droop said:

Screw gerard or rooney. Wait, is this the European/UK box? I'm guessing it's the UK box. Anyway, for the US version the should put Carlos Ruiz (Guatemala) due to his recent accomplishment on scoring 100 goals in the MLS. Not to mention that his goal was voted as the "Goal of the Decade" for the first 10 years of the of US's Major League Soccer (MLS). He is also in the group of 8 best players to ever play in the MLS along with big time players like super scorer Romario (Brazil).


Jonny B said:

Yea steven is cooler. Hey jordan, you getting this game? I heard it has online so I'll be getting it, along with madden 08 and NBA.


Master Foot said:



Wiiiiiiii said:

Why the hell does ronaldinho have to stand next to that? It just spoils the cover.


i need a wiieww said:

Holy crap, rooney is being bummed by a horse.


wiiiiiguy said:

That guy by Ronaldinho is so angry he's dissolving.


Negative said:

Actually it's cool, although I prefer the spanish boxart. It has sergio ramos on it.


Wiiiii said:

I agree with jordan, they should swap Rooney.

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Richard said:

Put Craig Bellamy on the cover. But which team will he be playing for at that time?

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