FIFA and Madden 2008 info

FIFA and Madden 2008 info

Some fresh details have emerged about upcoming sports games Fifa 2008 and Madden NFL 08. It seems that EA are fully embracing the Wii's online capabilities.

FIFA 2008

  • Go head to head with gamers around the world instantly.
  • Online rosters updated constantly.
  • Virtual league allowing players to join online tournaments.
  • Miis incorporated into mini-games.

Madden NFL 08

  • Exhibition matches.
  • Online lobby with leaderboards.
  • Online "My Profile", including nationality, win/loss logs, ranking and reputation.
  • ESPN ticker updates.
  • Downloadable content, e.g. roster updates for late 2008 / early 2009.
  • EA's instant messaging system, no voice chat.
  • 22 mini games in the offline party mode.

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User comments


Gonzo said:

And then comes NBA Live 08! Hehe.


Chaos said:

Now THIS what I expect from a FIFA game on Wii! Wasn't interested before, but now I've completely changed my mind. Let's hope for a more steady flow of online games on Wii, eh?


Zendalf said:

Wow. I am definitely getting both of these games. What I'll do with madden '07? who cares.


yay wii said:

Once this is out there will be no reason to buy anything other than the Wii.


Scooby Jew said:

Sweet. Some Sony fanboy was dissing on Wii about its "online mess" and sadly, I was actually able to relate to what he was saying. I can't even get the online browser to work because my Wii Shop Channel keeps failing. Maybe it's just my Wii, I don't know, but it's beginning to get me discouraged about the Wii's online system. However, the details about these games' online capability with the Wii is encouraging me.

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james said:

These look great but I hope that fifa isn't all motion controls, that would be annoying and hard to do. I hope you can use the buttons as well. YAY it's online! That's got to be good.


cmk said:

Meh, don't like sports. PORT KATAMARI!


Quartz said:

These fail.


shindrA said:

This just made my expectations for brawl ease up a little.


Elementrat said:

I agree with cmk. Katamari looks perfect for Wii. I've never played it, but it just looks like a natural fit.


Zendalf said:

Scooby Jew, it is not your Wii. It is your internet. The Wii doesn't have any problems. Actually I lied, it is best to have the main internet you are using as the first option in the settings. Otherwise it is just your internet. Mine works perfect and we are in another country.


Bryan said:

How can I play against another user in Madden 2008 for the Wii? I know this may be a basic question, but I cannot get the second player feature to work. Thanks for your help.


murda said:

Can you play co-op 2v2 online for Madden 08 on Wii?

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