Gotta fish 'em all

Gotta fish 'em all

Is there room for more fish on WiiWare? Spanish developers Abylight seem to think so, as they announce Fish 'em all.

More of an arcade game than a fishing simulator, Fish 'em all features:

  • Nine colorful scenarios.
  • Three modes of play: Arcade, Challenge, Fishtris.
  • One or two player action supported.

There's also a trailer to watch, be sure to check it out, especially if you enjoy banjo music!

It might all look straight forward, but the press release warns of a dragon, a sumo toad, and of all things, a ninja rat, which could all hinder your progress.

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No wonder my Wii never gets turned on except to play vc games from the past because all the retail games suck except a few hardcore titles! Sad really, come on big N get your heads out of your butts.


Brawler 200 said:

It should be a crime that Nintendo let people publish horrible games on their Wii. Another thing, the title of this game reminds me of pokemon.

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