Footstool jump move in Brawl

Footstool jump move in Brawl

Sakurai shows us the footstool jump technique in today's Super Smash Bros Brawl update.

Much like Mario stomps on a goomba, it lets you jump on an opponent and springboard off them. This might be used to gain access to higher platforms, or to launch some aerial attacks. Allow Yoshi to demonstrate.

Wario lost a contact lens.

At least take your boots off.

A smile costs nothing.

Wa-haa, what did I ever do to you..

In other major news, I just beat Super Monkey Ball 2. Unlucky Dr Bad-Boon, bananas will NEVER taste like curry. Not on my watch.

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Scooby Jew said:

Actually, assuming you were being sarcastic, the footstool technique can actually be considered major news because now every character has a meteor smash. I hated using Mario over Dr Mario just because he had a meteor smash, now I might not have to do that.


Fishmon said:



smash fan x said:

If yoshi jumped off wario's belly he would go MUCH higher.


DragonFoxCoon said:

I wonder if this move will have the trademarked "I sit on your head" noise from the Mario games.


Master Foot said:

FINALLY! Something NEW! To me, the last pic seems to indicate that the footstool technique can be used midair. For a second there, I thought that we were going to get Melee 1.1.


KOOL-AID said:

All you have to do is press the jump button, right. Right?


Googolmario said:

What is a meteor smash? Pardon me for my ignorance.


BonbonJoe said:

This seems great/terrible for the Foolstooler/Footstoolee in the Pit stage. If the stage crumbles, FOOTSTOOL'D.


cmk is back said:

Congrats on the smb2. I love this site.


master1 said:

That's funny to jump on someone.


ssbbfanboylolzXD said:

Meteor smashes are moves in mid-air that send your opponent straight to the ground, if there is any, if not, it kills them. Great for expert players. I can't wait for ssbb.


YoshLee said:

I should be good with the foot stool jump from a lot of practice in paper mario.

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