Wii disc has a fragile beauty

Wii disc has a fragile beauty

Publishers Namco Bandai released their RPG game Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon in Japan recently. The initial reception has been good, Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon was the #2 best selling game of the week.

They've clearly put some artistic effort into the packaging and this is what awaits gamers inside the box:

Post-apocalypticness embodied in a disc.

If you haven't heard of Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon before, this is the intro video:

It's currently unknown whether Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon will make it to the US or Europe. Here's hoping.

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Brawler200 said:

This looks like an anime movie, so I hope the game is just as good as its sales number.

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Shadow said:



Diddy Kong Lover said:

I hope so, Wii is totally akin' for a good RPG, haven't seen or played one since Baroque.


Son Ninja said:

I'm hoping for this to be released worldwide as well. The Japanese version was awesome though.

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