Fragile Wii

Fragile Wii

Namco Bandai have announced a new RPG heading to the Wii next year called Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon.

Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon is an exploration game with "ruins" as a strong theme throughout. It takes place in a future where the Earth has become surrounded in an evil fog, drowning out the light.

Armed with a flashlight, players assume the role of Seto, a young boy trying to find other humans. Other details are scant, but there are a few scans from Famitsu magazine.

Who's there? Don't make me stick you.

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User comments


WolfKolf said:

Oh, this looks good.


Nintendoof said:

I need to hear more to judge this game.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Seto? I can't play a game with a guy called Seto without thinking of Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh.


Wii said:

Fra-gee-lay, must be Italian.


Link Q said:

Seems cool enough, who knows, it might be good.


BrothaZ said:

Looks pretty cool, I'll keep an eye on it.


sidkid004 said:

Ok. I'm interested. Finally some 3rd party developers are backing up the Wii.


Scooby Jew said:

Seemed kind of cool up until I read that your weapons consist of a stick and a flashlight.


Wiimaster said:

First impression: looking great, have to get this.


feb10isfatheraway said:

This reminds me of the movie "The Mist".


Super King said:

Not anime.

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Nova said:

To me it sounds a tiny bit like a non violent Half-Life.


Aeth said:

Trying to find other humans? There's a new movie called "I am Legend" which is also about a guy who seems to be the last person on Earth.


wiicloud9 said:

A must-try at the least.


Zendalf said:

Well looks interesting from the screens. But again, need to learn more before I judge. I mean, it really depends on what kind of things you kill/beat senselessly with a stick in the game.


Hey said:

I hope it's more like "Myst" and not "The Mist".


Master Foot said:

What if the wiimote's batteries determine the power in the flashlight's batteries in the game? The HORROR.


the silent man said:

A young boy eh? Perfect excuse for the WORST voice acting ever. If this isn't too kiddyish (if that's even a word) then this could seriously be one of Wii's better games. A good RPG is something I've not played since FFVII (fingers crossed!).


wiretoss said:

The graphics look sexy for a Wii game.


ET617 said:

Oh my god I want this game badly. It looks pretty good and the art is awesome. That song is so harmonizing it led me to downloading it! (you can't imagine how long it took for me to find the song).


Mike B said:

This game looks like an interactive Miyazaki movies- AWESOME.


Penki said:

What's the name of the song played during the trailer? I must know.


flyingpig01 said:

The game looks interesting but I still need more information to judge it. And I want to know about the weapons, it can't only be a flashlight and a stick right? If it is then that sucks. But still I'm looking forward for this game.


Aurion said:

It will come to the US and other countries if it can snag a few sponsors, and a gorgeous game like this will have no problem with that.


Kumar said:

It's an awesome game. It has to come to North America, without dubbing the voice. I think Japanese voices are awesome.


Zack K said:

Looks soooo good! I don't think I can wait until winter. Want so much.


Carter said:

Want sooo much! I can't wait until winter.

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