Free to Play Pokemon Shuffle now available on 3DS eShop

Free to Play Pokemon Shuffle now available on 3DS eShop

Nintendo offers another micro-transaction based title

Nintendo continues their foray into free-to-play territory this week with the release of Pokemon Shuffle, their second free to play 3DS title.

Pokemon Shuffle is a match-three puzzle game, which borrows many mechanics from last year's Pokemon Battle Trozei. Unlike last year's game however, Shuffle offers players the opportunity to use their eShop balance to buy items from the in-game store, which includes the ability to buy extra turns in stages, the ability to play additional stages, and better Pokeballs among other things.

Nintendo's first free-to-play title, Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, saw release last year after being revealed at Nintendo's E3 press conference. While many free-to-play titles have been release on other platforms, Nintendo's handhelds have seen very few of these. Sound off in the comments below and let us know if you think we'll continue to see free-to-play titles released on the 3DS in future.

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