Jockey on the Wii Board

Jockey on the Wii Board

Koei have announced another G1 Jockey game for Wii. The first title was reasonable well liked, but this aims to take jockeying to a whole new level - using the Wii Balance Board!

Koei's Executive Vice President, Naoki Katashima commented:

"With G1 Jockey we have always strived to recreate the full horse racing experience in the most realistic and enjoyable way possible. The Nintendo Wii and now the Wii Balance Board have enabled us to continue our desire to bring every facet of this fascinating sport into the homes of passionate horse racing fans and gamers who want to enjoy a sporting experience like no other".

G1 Jockey Wii 2008 (possibly a working title) has a fully fleshed out career mode, where you can go from novice to... horsing superstar. You can also breed horses at your stables, turning out thoroughbreds or just a bunch of nags.

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Master Foot said:

I have to see how Koei is going to pull this off with the balance board. The first rule of horse racing is sitting on the horse, unless the game is coming with a saddle attachment. The most that I have ever been enthused about horse racing in a video game is in GTA San Andreas and that's as far as it goes.


Dox said:

What about winning Epona?

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