G1 Jockey PAL box art

G1 Jockey PAL box art

G1 Jockey is a horse racing game from Koei, set to gallop onto Wii at the end of June. Here's a glimpse of the PAL box art, because we all love box art. Box art FTW.

G1 Jockey box cover
G1 Jockey Wii cover.

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Crimson Hawk said:

Sweet box, thumbs up.


Gonzo said:

Sorry, I'm not into horse racing.


Scooby Jew said:

"Need for steed" - Clever. I really, really don't care for this game though. I saw a trailer of it (I think) and it was quite possibly the most pointless game I've ever seen or imagined. It's a mistake for Nintendo.


Bobbydazzler said:

I have a mate that says this game is a heap of fun on the ps2. So I would have to assume it will be even better with wiimote to belt your horse around with (note I do not condone animal violence!).


Elementrat said:

I got the need. The need for Steed! Nah j/k. I don't actually have the need at all.

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