No slots in Pokemon Platinum EU

No slots in Pokemon Platinum EU

Nintendo has gone ahead and removed any gambling references in the European version of Pokemon Platinum on DS, they say this is to safeguard children.

Previous Pokemon titles have included a "Game Corner", where would-be trainers can try their luck in winning prizes. All slot machines have been taken out.

Puzzlingly, these features are still available in the US and Australian versions. When approached for clarification, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke coolly:

"Yeah, but the kids in those regions aren't worth safeguarding."

Shocking. Is Big N being overly protective on this one?

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That random guy said:

It's stupid for them to have removed it. In particular, it's stupid to have removed it and 'started telling kids to steal winnings from slots people have previously used'. So rather than gambling, go ahead and steal, kids!


insultman911 said:

It's just a freakin game. A Pokemon game. What's it going to teach?


NoName said:

If it was so bad, then why did they come up with it so late? And WHY only EUROPEANS? We now have to steal the coins (BTW what happened to that reward-tm?).

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Nova said:

I was always so bad at the game corners it completely turned me off gambling in general.


SkullHydra said:

What the crap!?! How dumb can you get?


Crevan said:

What the.. I'm so ordering the US version instead.


Nintendo4Ever said:

What were they thinking?! Now this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


Annoyed said:

Wow what retarded people. They didn't remove it before, why now?


ANGRY said:

How dare they, children don't even play this game anyway.


ME said:

Bloody pathetic.


Pie said:

I'm so annoyed that they left it out to try and influence me to not gamble, that I'm going to have to go and let out my gambling frustration by playing poker online. Bugger.


Ako 97 said:

I can't believe it! Saying that kids like me that are Australian aren't worth safeguarding. Ohh well, at least we get the better stuff.

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