The Magic Obelisk for WiiWare

The Magic Obelisk for WiiWare

A new press release reveals that Japanese developers GAME ARTS have a game coming to WiiWare.

The Magic Obelisk is an astoundingly original gameplay experience featuring intriguing characters, an extraordinary tale and the forge of a deep friendship.

The game features over 30 stages and revolves around a tree spirit called Lukus. Like other tree spirits of the world, Lukus is endued with the ability to transform into trees and is keen to use his powers to help people. He's seeking the perfect place to take root and become a tree, but unfortunately the only way he can move is through shadows, a journey he cannot undertake himself. Players must help Lukus reach his aim by taking control of Popo, a light spirit who can shine his light near the mysterious Magic Obelisks to create shadows that will help Lukus move through each level.

On their journey through a vibrant fantasy world, players must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and meet new allies and foes. The richly detailed yet cartoon-like robots, ghosts and spirits in the game reflect GAME ARTS' dedication to a fresh storybook art style. The overall effect of playing The Magic Obelisk is a serene feeling of happiness and healing.

Gamers can expect to get their sweaty palms on The Magic Obelisk next week, on December 28th. It's said to be priced at a reasonable sounding 500 Wii Points. Screenshots are now up on the game's page.

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