GH3 online play but no downloads

GH3 online play but no downloads

In a recent interview Kai Huang (wang?) from RedOctane, creators of Guitar Hero 3 said there would be no online for Wii initially. It seems his words were a little misleading, there will be online play from the start, but no downloadable content. They say they're still working out how best to achieve this on the Wii.

Good news for online enthusiasts, although I'd probably be more interested in downloading extra songs.

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BrothaZ said:

Alright, that's cool. It kind of stinks that there's no downloads but at least it is online.


DragonFoxCoon said:

They didn't say "no", that's all that matters. But they didn't say "import your own music" either.


Master Foot said:

Hard drive add on has to be imminent. Nintendo will basically cripple GH without an HDD. If Nintendo happens to make a proprietary HDD, PLEASE do not take the Microsoft route and shaft us with an overpriced HDD.


Thingthere said:

Its pronounced "Hung".


lman07 said:

Wow thank god! I can now die in peace.


droop4 said:

No, they said no downloads AT FIRST, but yea later on.


Scooby Jew said:

I don't know, I'd like to battle against people just as much as downloading extra songs. Still, it's much better than the image they had given me earlier: No online play or extra songs; the suck, basically.

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devin said:

Make it online. I preordered it already, I really want it online.

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