Godfather goes gold

Godfather goes gold

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for Wii has gone gold (that means it's in a completed state and ready for publishing).

The game has you starting at the bottom as you try to gain control of New York's streets. You must choose the path of either an Enforcer or an Operator. Each option has its own perks and skills to learn. It's set to ship on March 20th.

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Seamninja said:

Nice pic.

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aaron said:

Going to be good, already preordered mine and it's got an R18 rating over here.


cmk said:

Love the pic, game sounds cool.


Scooby Jew said:

"m'fuggin" Hilarious.


Master Foot said:

This is what some of us have been waiting for. Let's hope that it redeems the curse behind movie to game adaptations.


eric wii said:

Finally! I hope it's good. There has been lots of hype about this game.

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Nova said:

Another GTA remake.


Master Foot said:

The videos of the gameplay look pretty good. It makes me wonder why Rockstar didn't jump on board the Wii yet. From what I've seen, they've really gotten a hold of the wiimote and used it creatively with the combat. Rockstar should take note. I can't wait for the do good politically correct soccer moms and politicians to start protesting against this game. Then again, these are the same soccer moms that are hooked on Wii Sports.

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