Godfather sequel afoot

Godfather sequel afoot

Industry analyst Todd Greenwald spent some time with EA recently. It turns out that a sequel to The Godfather is already in development, but a release schedule is as yet unknown.

"The open world engine was built from the ground up for The Godfather, it's now being used by five different franchises - including The Simpsons".

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is supposedly one of Wii's best games to date, so this is promising news. Destination platforms of the sequel are unconfirmed, but expect Wii to be among them.

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Hey said:

One of the best? I wouldn't go that far.


Ferox said:

In my opinion it IS the best game to date on the Wii, no doubt.

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Nova said:

It's one of the best? I don't think I even know anyone who owns it. And they could if they wanted. My friends are very, very rich.


Master Foot said:

I don't blame EA for capitalizing on the Wii, unlike some other companies that talk the TALK. Then again, curse EA with their microtransactions!

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PHiRE said:

Definitely among the best if reviews are anything to go by. I'm getting it soon.


wiithepeople said:

I'm rich and I own it and it's a very addicting game. I'm going to own the next one too.


Scooby Jew said:

If I had me some damn money I'd consider getting it, but I'm poor, as I'm sure you well know. I complain about it all the time. I might rent this game just to see how it "handles", and if it's good enough I'll eventually buy it somehow.


Ekaj185 said:

I just ordered the Godfather and then came here.


Zach said:

I really like it, and so do all my dorm mates and family. It's fast paced and just has a lot to enjoy.

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