Atari unleashing Godzilla on Wii

Atari unleashing Godzilla on Wii

Atari have announced they plan to bring a new title Godzilla: Unleashed onto both Wii and the DS.

Godzilla: Unleashed is the 3rd game in the series which sees you taking your monster through some of the world's major cities fighting other monsters and causing mucho carnage.

Developed from the ground up (woohoo) by Pipeworks Software, the game will utilize the Wii's motion sensing capabilities to the max. Previous titles in the series have been well received, let's hope this new one lives up to the hype.

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Chalupa said:

DUDE! I love godzilla. Especialy when I was little. Can't wait for this.


Ralindil said:

What was the last Godzilla game made that was good?


joey24 said:

This is not my type of game but my friend would like it with the wiimote.


Master Foot said:



Gonzo said:

That Godzilla looks funny.


BrothaZ said:

This is going to be PIMP.


Raptor Llama said:

The last two Godzilla games were Godzilla Save the earth and Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee. There was also a game called Godzilla domination for the GBA.


doglover said:

It does not use the maximum wiimote motion-sensory capabilities! Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games does that more than this game.

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