Suda51 considering Travis trilogy

Suda51 considering Travis trilogy

Goichi Suda (Suda51), the head of Grasshopper Studios spoke at a special event recently in Japan to help promote No More Heroes. He revealed that he would eventually like to do a trilogy based around the game's main character Travis Touchdown.

Despite not setting the sales charts alight in Japan (debuting at #40), No More Heroes is at least selling better than its forerunner Killer7 so far.

Famitsu magazine has seen fit to include it on their cover this week:

Looking good........... Travis.

No More Heroes will reach the US and Europe in February.

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If it would be of any concern, I really really want to play this game, and I have friends that want to play as much, but we are here in the US. Hook us up already. I'll give no more heroes toilet paper to all my relatives for Christmas.


BrothaZ said:

Umm what the hell is that picture? XD.


mims3000 said:

I see babies coming from her. RAT BABIES! (And to let you know, No More Heroes started at 13k first week). Not surprising considering the disappointing seller that was Killer 7, even on the ps2.


Nintendoof said:

Travis the maaaan.

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Nova said:

My name is travis. I'd like to be that travis.


sidkid004 said:

KICK ASS. I'm so for a new trilogy for the Wii. Mo-ehhhhh. It's still a shame that No More Heroes isn't selling well. Why do the Japanese have to suck so much in their gaming choices. I bet any Japanese gamer would rather play that dumb Dynasty Warriors / Gundam hybrid for 10 hours than play a masterpiece like Mario Galaxy for 30 minutes. Maybe people aren't buying NMH because it's censored. Gasp.


WiiLover said:

This will be a future classic on the Wii.


Holly Bummers said:

I prefer human travis, sylvia will agree as she's contracted worms.

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